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Gastronomic performance from the best chefs of Russia and the Czech Republic is a unique opportunity to see the preparation of food before you try it.

The Czech-Russian Pop-up Lunch will take place on February 29, 2020, in the Prague hotel Ambassador Zlata Husa. Two Russian Chefs Sergey Ternov and Andrey Moiseev will be demonstrating their outstanding culinary skills, joined by the rising star of the Czech culinary scene Vojtech Petrzela.

Lunch will consist of seven courses, among which both Czech and Russian culinary classics.

Vojtech Petrzela will cook the main Czech dish – corn sous-vide chicken with skin crumble, cabbage dumplings with baked pork side, yellow carrot puree with vanilla, wild broccoli, pickled cabbage with Madeira sauce. The main dish of the Lunch, presented by the Russian culinary specialists, will be a traditional Russian cake of kulebyak with muscovy duck meat, cream puree from cauliflower and prune stew.

And because lunch will be held on one of the last days of Maslenitsa, Russian chefs will begin this gourmet celebration with crispy buckwheat pancake with smoked Altai grayling and sauce made from cucumbers and mustard.

Sergey Ternov is a member of the national guild of cooks, the brand chef of the Altay resort hotel chain, the winner of the TV show Battle of Chefs, the captain of the Altai team, the winner of the 2018 Chef a la Russe cooking contest.

Andrey Moiseev is a Chevalier of the Badge of Honor of the Russian National Culinary Association, a brand chef of the Shishka restaurant in Altai. This restaurant has become the laureate of the Palm Branch in the restaurant business, is included in the top 100 new restaurant concepts in Russia in 2019. The Altai chefs themselves call Andrei Moiseyev the “guru of Russian cuisine” and he is considered as one of the leading experts in Russian cuisine in the Russian Federation.

Vojtech Petrzela is a captain of the national junior team of the Association of Cooks and Confectioners and the Czech-Slovak carving team. He became the absolute winner of the World Carving Cup, the winner of the World Championship in Stuttgart (2017), he is the laureate of two gold medals of the culinary Olympics in Erfurt (2016), the double winner of the International Junior Championships in 2017 and 2018 and the best chef of the Czech Republic in 2019.

The Czech-Russian Pop-up Lunch program includes: musical accompaniment, performance of the Prague National Opera choir, laureate of international competitions, vocal, piano and conductor teacher in Prague Natalie Mrazova, as well as laureate of international competitions, artist of the Prague National Theater choir Alexander Laptev.

The interior will be decorated in the style of “small Dutchmen”. Its distinctive features are displaying of the real world, a chamber character of works, an expressiveness of small details and a general feeling of comfort.

Dress code: casual chic

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