Olena Uutai concert in Vienna

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Attention: the date will be changed! We invite you to this amazing musical journey with the Legend of Ethnic Musiс according to the version of the international festival SayanRing.

Olena Uutai is a world-wide recognized master of playing the jaw harp, a girl singing in the language of Mother Nature.

Uutai travels around the world with musical and ceremonial and healing programs, works in various genres from authentic archaic music to electronic and experimental directions. Her music sounds at the largest world festivals, ethnic, trance, electronic concerts.

In 2017, she became a semifinalist of the popular TV show Italia’s Got Talent 2017 and in 2018, a semi-finalist of the largest show of talents Britain’s Got Talent and finalist of the German Das Supertalent.

Nowadays, she is the most viewed ethno-musician on all well-known online sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In addition to the Yakut jaw harp (khomus), Uutai plays the harps of different ethnic groups, shaman tambourines, flutes, masters several kinds of throat singing of the Nordic nations. She combines all this in an ultra-modern style, in which you can hear both authentic traditional sounds and new tones and rhythms of the future.

The voices of animals worshiped by natural nations, the singing of birds accompanied by a jaw harp and tambourine performed by Olena Uutai reveal the secrets of the legends and tales of the Nordic peoples. Each performance of Olena is a strong energetic message to the Universe and always includes the ceremonial song Algys, a traditional prayer for blessing. This is a powerful immersion in ancient traditions through time and space through music that connects hearts with a single source of everything, Mother Nature.

In the evening program, in addition to mystical musical immersion, interactive blocks will also be included. Olena will share with you the secrets of onomatopoeia and simple vocal traditional techniques of the peoples of the North, which help in the study of blocks, body clips and, as a result of this practice, cleanse and fill the performer with natural strength and energy.

Olena Podluzhnaya (her real surname) graduated from the Higher School of Music in Piano, plays on the jaw harp since her 6 years. She is a laureate of numerous republican, all-Russian and international competitions and festivals of live ethnic music.

Olena Uutai concert in Vienna - MegaEvent.euCreative pseudonym Uutai in literary translation from the Yakut language means “mystery created by water”.

“My work, all my music and even philosophy are based on the idea of harmony and unity with Mother Nature. In creating my music, I rely on onomatopoeic imitation of wildlife, the voices of birds, animals, the sounds of various natural phenomena… In my performances I use several different kinds of throat singing, experimenting with combinations of authentic sound of a jaw harp and folk vocal with various genres and directions in music, from meditative archaic music to electronic trance. Under the sign of Uutai, I determined for myself the use of the sounds of Nature made by my voice and with the help of the jaw harp. I myself call my work Nature Fusion, singling it out as a separate direction music after 27 years of working in this genre,” says Olena Uutai.

Attention: the date will be changed

In connection with the spread of the coronovirus we are forced to report that Olena Uutai’s concert on April 21, 2020 will be postponed after the stabilization of the situation in the country. We will inform you soon.

Your tickets purchased for the concert on April 21, 2020 will be valid.

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